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I started using Jessie for my bookkeeping this year.  Boy, do I wish I had known about her services before!  My accountant charged me additional fees this year because my QuickBooks was not updated and I had not done my reconciliations.  So I found Jessie and she quickly got me up to speed.  I now use her on an "as needed" basis, and meet with her on a quarterly basis so that my books are in order.  I am not dreading my 2017 taxes because of the work that Jessie has done. 

Maggie O'Brien-  MMOBrien, LLC

Jessie Wagner -Raymond has been doing my personal accounting for the last 3 years.
I have found her to totally efficient & highly dependable

Lois Blonder

I'm so happy to have Jessie doing my Quickbooks. She is reliable, professional and thorough! She makes it easy so I can focus on my business. -- Laura Ray, Laura Ray Organizing

​ ​"If there was ever a bookkeeper JUST for me, it is Jessie. Of course she has 
all the necessary skills required to keep track of the most vital part of my 
business- effective communication skills, organization and trustworthiness but it’s 
her attention to detail and knowledge of my particular field that sets her apart. 
Sunflower Office Solutions is in tune to how I would respond to a client/customer and I can rest easy 
knowing I am in good hands. Since Jessie has taken over my books, I have had dramatic peace of mind and this has helped me achieve a better work/life balance. She’s efficient, knowledgeable of my CRM and QuickBooks and makes payroll seem pleasant when we all know it isn’t.  Any savvy business owner should have Jessie @ Sunflower Office Solutions  as a part of their team to take functional to optimal. I hope to have Jessie @ Sunflower Office Solutions as a part of my business for many years to come- she’s invaluable and irreplaceable."

Adrienne Tatum- Owner- I Love Dance Atlanta

"I am writing on behalf of Jessie Raymond of Sunflower Solutions. A year ago I hired Jessie to provide me with her office/book keeping services. Jessie takes care of my payroll, billing, year end bookkeeping, document filing etc. During this past year Jessie has become a significant and valuable part of my business and I am counting on having her with me for a long time. Jessie is very professional and knowledgeable in her field of expertise. Jessie is 100% reliable and always jumps in when an emergency situation occurs. Most importantly Jessie fills in the holes where, as a business owner, you don’t always find the time to solve a problem quickly because other things are higher on the priority list. Jessie goes that extra mile and leaves me with the feeling that “things are taken care off especially in my absence! That piece of mind is the most valuable quality Jessie brings into my business and life. I highly recommend Jessie Raymond and would be happy to provide anyone with a positive reference about Jessie and her business."
Roel Theunissen- President Atlanta Dressage LLC. Suwanee, GA

​​"I am so glad that I took a chance on Jessie!  I own a small Interior Design and Remodeling business in Alpharetta.  As any small business owner knows, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the incredible amount of tasks that we are asked to perform on a daily basis.  I was so busy "running" my business that I really wasn't running my business at all.  As crazy as it sounds, sending invoices, collecting money and managing it was very difficult for me and often became a source of great stress.  I am not an accountant type...it was very hard to manage.  I had little experience with outside help and I was hesitant to trust someone I didn't know with my income but I knew something had to change so I took a chance.  I'm so happy that I did.  Jessie came in and turned things around for me.  What's worse is that she made managing the hardest part of my business look easy but hey, I can't be good at everything!  I was concerned that the cost of a service like this was going to put a strain on my wallet too...it didn't.  Jessie's grasp of accounting allows her to fix your books and go on to manage them in a timely manner. She has an ability to look deep into your big picture and set procedures that are easy to follow to steer you in the right direction.  I was so overwhelmed with the daily activities of just satisfying my clients that I had little bandwidth to learn the principals of accounting.  I don't have to anymore...she has taught me basic things that have taken the stress away and visits monthly to reconcile so that I can go concentrate on keeping my customers happy.  I'm so glad I found Jessie!  I highly recommend Jessie and Sunflower Office Solutions for your business too!"
Jo McKeown- President Great Spaces!  Alpharetta, GA.

"SHRM Georgia State Council is an affiliate of SHRM, Society for Human Resources 
Management. As the State Director of SHRM Georgia State Council, I was responsible for 
the organization from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2014. During that time our 
Treasurer resigned leaving our records in disorder. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jessie Raymond who came in and lead the task of reconstructing about a year and a half of our transactions. 
I found her extremely knowledgeable and supportive. The organization plans to continue 
using her for our accounting and administrative needs. I am happy to recommend Jessie and Sunflower Office Solutions to any organization that has similar needs. "
Greg Short, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Past State Director SHRM Georgia State Council

​​"I have enjoyed working with Jessie on a variety of businesses.  A recent shared client said, she has a “laser focus”.  She is very organized and tenacious when it comes to getting the records in order.   Business owners seem to have a high level of comfort with Jessie."
Angela F Connelly, CPA, PC 

As my fitness business grew, towards the end of 2014 I finally accepted the fact that I needed help with bookkeeping. I knew about Office Angels since Essie was a long-time yoga client of mine. She sent Jessie to me, who has been taking on incremental responsibilities. At first, I had her come in to work face-to-face with me and she put in many long hours getting my books in order. Now, she works directly with my accountant and we communicate primarily by email. She's always accessible, responsive, and accommodating. This year she prepared the 1099s for my independent contractors. She's also been great about promoting my business to other people and has sent new clients to us. I definitely intend to continue working with her--she's a real asset who is helping me fine tune my business operations. 
Shoniece Morris- Morris Fitness

Jessie has been very involved and engaged in my work on behalf of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Georgia State Council. For the past two years she has helped with registration for our large annual conference, handling publicity, name badges, payments, troubleshooting, etc. She also helped with onsite registration and was invaluable at the conference. She also helped convert our financial records to Quickbooks and helped get ready for tax preparation. 
Our organization has worked with other Office Angels in the past as well. The work flow is seasonal and so we don't need year-round support. In addition, since our Board transitions periodically it is great to have consistent administrative support via Office Angels, who have served as keepers of institutional knowledge. We store our files virtually via Drop Box so it is easy for everyone to keep informed and access information.
Sally Roberts, SHRM-SCP
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Georgia State Council